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We’re committed to bringing you the airsoft guns you want at the best prices every day, and to providing you with the convenient, secure shopping experience you deserve. If you have any ideas about how we can serve you better, please contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

An airsoft gun is a toy gun used for a variety of things, the most common is the sport of Airsoft, ithas been growing over the years and now is one of the top hobbies next to paintball.  Similar to paintball, the players get together in a certain area usually outside in a area away from the public set up teams and have a battle as if in an actual war. The airsoft gun shoot hollow plastic bb’s and is a lot safer then paintball guns. There are three major types of Airsoft guns. The three types are a Spring, Electric, and Gas air guns. The Spring guns are mostly true to scale and sometimes they are true to weight. They are perfect for people who are just getting into the sport because they are maintenance free, durable and very affordable. Spring air guns usually all manual, you have to pull the lever each time to shoot a bb liking cockking the gun but each time before you shoot.  Electric guns are battery operated and do not require a manual cock of the the gun like most of the spring operated do. Its allows you to shoot a lot faster and effortless. Gas air guns are driven by gas mechanism have the most effective performance.The most popular gases used in gas guns are low-temperature carbon dioxide (CO2), Freon, and Green Gas. These are often collected by the more intense collectors.

At JD Airsoft Guns you will get the best of the best. Our collections is amazing and were are sure you will love it.

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